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Product Details:

Elevate your event with our stunning "Bar" sign, the perfect addition to any party or gathering. This sign is bold and eye-catching that's sure to impress your guests.

The sign can be hung from the ceiling for a dramatic effect or mounted with our custom stands for a more traditional display. This versatility makes it easy to use in a variety of settings, whether you're hosting a small gathering at home or a large event in a venue.

But what really sets our "Bar" sign apart is its ability to create a memorable and Instagram-worthy moment for you and your guests. Imagine the photos and videos you can take with this stunning sign as the backdrop! It's certain to be a hit with everyone at your party.


Requirements (Please Read):

Size (approx W x H): 2.05m x 0.6m
Pick up available No
Suitable: Indoor/Outdoor undercover set up 

B- 23x E27 Warm White Cabochon Bulbs

A- 17x E27 Warm White Cabochon Bulbs

R- 20x E27 Warm White Cabochon Bulbs

If custom bulb variant is selected, please note the bulbs desired at check-out (E27 bulbs only).

Custom Animations:

Standard On

Vegas fill chase with 3 flashes

Fill chase 


BAR Sign, 5m extension cable, transformer box, custom controller mounted on back, Stand w/ 1.5m/ 1.75m/2m tall black pole (note that pole height is to the top of the piece), black cover for stand & E27 Bulbs 

Other additional information: 

Ensure power can be supplied within 5m of the piece. 

Hire Information:

A Hire Form on installation details will be sent (email) after purchase for the customer to complete. 

Please note, installation and pack-up hours only between 9:00am - 5:00pm (unless arranged otherwise).


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