What happens if I live outside the 20km radius?

If you are located within 120km from our showroom in Pinkenba, Brisbane our online system will calculate (at checkout) the additional cost of delivery/collection. Note, we currently do not deliver to the Moreton Bay Islands or any area outside the 120km set zone.

Can I pick the Hire items up myself rather than delivery?

Some of our Hire items are available to be picked up from our showroom in Pinkenba, Brisbane, these items are clearly marked on our website with this option. All other items not marked available for pickup MUST be delivered, installed, and collected by our Team.

How does the booking/delivery process work?

Once the booking is made online and fully paid, our automated system will send you a confirmation email. Please ensure that you fill out our Hire Form ASAP. We will make contact with you closer to your Event to organise delivery, setup and collection, if applicable. Our Team is here to make this process as easy as possible, hence why we allow up to 3 days hire included in the price.

How long does it take to set up some of the Hire items?

Some of our items involve lengthy setup and pack-down times, up to 3 hours for 2 people, please ensure that you allow for this at your event location.

Once the Hired item/s have been set up by your Team can move them to a new location?

No. Once our Team has installed any Hired item/s in a positioned agreed by you, we DO NOT allow you or anyone else to move or relocate this/these item/s. If you need to relocate the Hired item/s you must contact our office to organise our Team to attend the location and move them to another mutually agreed position. Any such move will be expensed to you at an hourly rate of $60 per hour per person and be subject to the availability of our Team attending.

How much does it cost?

We have tried to keep our price structure as simple as possible with no hidden addi􀆟onal costs. The Hire fee includes setup/pack-down (note some items are available as pickup from our showroom in Pinkenba). Free delivery/collec􀆟on is included within a 20km radius of our depot in Pinkenba. All prices include GST. IMPORTANT NOTE: The delivery address entered online must be the address to where the Hired items will be delivered and setup.

What is the hire period?

The price you pay per item includes up to 3 days hire, therefore it is the same price whether you hire for 1 hour or 3 days.

Can I hire for a longer term?

Yes, absolutely, we can hire for periods greater than 3
days and up to many months, please contact us for a quote.

Can I change the neon colours and bulb colours?

Most of our “Giant” series of Hire items allow for you to choose the bulb colour from our extensive range, see next Q&A. Where neon is fitted some items can be colour changing, we will indicate in the product description if this is an option. We also offer on most of our “Giant” series a three-way switch that allows you to select 3 different animations, once again this will be noted in the product description.

What happens if the Hire item/s I’ve chosen include a choice of bulb type and colour options?

Most of our Hire items include a standard warm white bulb, at the time of booking you will need to choose the option to select the bulb colours at an additional cost.

What happens if there are stairs and tight corners/spaces for access to where I want the item’s setup?

We will indicate in the product description which items are heavy and or difficult to install when access is limited or tight. If you believe that access is tight or stairs are involved, please make contact with our team ASAP upon booking. Those items that are large or very heavy may NOT be able to be carried upstairs or where access is limited. DO NOT assume that these items can be placed where you want them. So as not to disappoint on delivery day, please make contact and discuss your situation.

Are the Hire items safe?

Yes. Safety is our number 1 concern, and we ask you to cooperate fully with our rules and conditions to ensure everyone’s safety when using such temporary fixed items of equipment. All of our Hire Items operate on extra-low voltage between 12-36 volts DC current which is totally safe. All our hired items (except for the floodlight series, unless requested) come with an extra-low voltage extension cable of 5 meters in length. This extension cable will then plug into a fully sealed minimum IP65 rated premium quality commercial-grade transformer, which is safe when exposed outdoors to normal weather conditions of light rain and dust. The transformer will need to be plugged into a standard household 240v AC 10amp PowerPoint. This transformer or floodlight will come tested and tagged to the appropriate commercial Australian standards. All our bulbs and lightbulb sockets are extra-low voltage and safe to handle, they are made from polycarbonate and virtually unbreakable.
All hired items are set up for temporary use only and as such require particular attention by you the Hirer to ensure the Hired items are protected from vandalism, misuse and tampering. Whilst every care is taken by our Team upon setup to either weight down or pin down the Hired item/s, it is your responsibility to ensure that no one removes any weights or pins, allow persons to climb upon, lean upon or move the Hired item/s to a new location.

Do I need to supply power to the Hired items?

Yes. You as the Hirer of the item/s must supply and be totally responsible for providing a power source (standard household 240v 10amp socket) at a distance of NO more than 5 meters from the setup location of the Hired item. You as the Hirer are also responsible to ensure that this power outlet is protected by an appropriate and functional safety switch meeting all Australian standards. If this power outlet is located outdoors, it must be of a type rated for outdoor use. If unsure that the PowerPoint meets any of these standards, then we recommend you consult your electrician prior to your Event/Function to ensure compliance.

Can all the items you offer for Hire be used outdoors?

No. Only those items marked in the product description as “Indoor/Outdoor” can be used outdoors. We also stipulate that some items can be placed up against a wall in an undercover/protected outdoor area such as a patio, if this is the case the item will be marked in the product description as “Indoor/Protected & Covered Outdoors”.

What happens if it rains or storms?

For those items that are rated to be setup outdoors, our Team should have adequately protected the item/s from light rain and moderate winds. If high winds, heavy rain or hail occurs, the most important consideration is SAFETY FIRST, disconnect power from any items outdoors and remove all persons from the immediate area to a safe place undercover or inside as a priority.

Whenis final payment due?

As per our Terms and Conditions: We ask upon booking that you pay in full for all items Hired

Can I cancel my booking?

As per our Terms and Conditions: We are happy to refund you in FULL (including your deposit) up to 60 days PRIOR to your Event/Function booking date.
If you cancel within the 60 days in the lead up to your Event/Function, we will repay any monies paid by you in full, EXCLUDING 30% of the total invoice cost that was made upon booking.

Can I reschedule my booking?

As per our Terms and Conditions:
If you reschedule within the 5 days in the lead up to your original (first) Event/Function booking date and successfully book another available date in the future (within the next 6 months), you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $250. Note, outside the 5-day period, no cost will be charged if you successfully book another available date in the future (within the next 6 months). If you reschedule the date of the Event/Function outside the above conditions, the cancellation policy applies.

Can I purchase any of the Hired item/s?

Yes, absolutely. Our design/construction division of the Company, “Flexible Neon”, can quote on manufacturing any of our Hire items. Flexible Neon also sells to the public and wholesales to the trade, all the components that make up our Hire fleet. Most of our components have been designed to our specifications and built to our strict commercial-quality standards.