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Product Description:

Introducing our versatile Frame System designed to effortlessly showcase your SELF HANG pieces. This clever system can securely hold any of our hanging pieces, ensuring a stunning presentation for your event. With sleek black poles that discreetly blend in, your focus remains on the captivating beauty of the pieces themselves. Elevate your event setup with this adaptable Frame System, allowing your hanging pieces to shine while adding an elegant touch to your event.

Requirements (Please Read):

Size (approx W x H):

 2.4m x 2.4m

Pick up available No
Suitable: Indoor/Outdoor
Included: Frame system
Other additional information:  Kindly note that EMS assumes no responsibility for the items hung off. 
Hire Information:

A Hire Form on installation details will be sent (email) after purchase for the customer to complete. 

Please note, installation and pack-up hours only between 9:00am - 5:00pm (unless arranged otherwise).


Customer Reviews

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Ella's 21st

Had my 21st birthday three weeks ago and hired out the 21 light-up numbers. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I got a choice of two colours and they were a little more special than the common 21 signs. Highly recommend. The photos I attached don't do them enough justice! YOU MADE MY EVENT REALLY SPECIAL!