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Product Details:

Elevate your 23rd birthday bash with our captivating Double Bulb 23 Sign, available for hire in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Not only does this sign measure 1.8m wide, ensuring it grabs attention, but its unique design with double E27 bulbs promises a luminous display that's both striking and sophisticated.

What truly makes our Double Bulb 23 Sign stand out is its ability to create unforgettable moments, perfect for sharing on Instagram. Picture-perfect photos and videos against this stunning backdrop will make your celebration truly special and memorable.

Whether you prefer a dramatic ceiling display or a more traditional mounted setup with our custom stands, this sign offers versatile placement options to suit any venue or event size. From intimate home gatherings to grand celebrations in event venues, our Double Bulb 23 Sign adds the perfect touch of elegance and charm to your birthday festivities. Contact Brisbane Event Lighting today to book this standout piece and make your 23rd birthday celebration one to remember.


Requirements (Please Read):

Size (approx W x H): 1.8m
Pick up available No
Suitable: Indoor/Outdoor undercover set up 

2- 55x E27 Warm White Cabochon Bulbs

3- 53x E27 Warm White Cabochon Bulbs

If custom bulb variant is selected, please note the bulbs desired at check-out (E27 bulbs only).

Custom Animations:

Standard On

Vegas fill chase down with 3 flashes

Fill chase up


23 Sign, 5m extension cable, transformer box, custom controller mounted on back, Stand w/ 1.5m/ 1.75m/2m tall black pole (note that pole height is to the top of the piece), black cover for stand & E27 Bulbs 

Other additional information: 

Ensure power can be supplied within 5m of the piece. 

Hire Information:

A Hire Form on installation details will be sent (email) after purchase for the customer to complete. 

Please note, installation and pack-up hours only between 9:00am - 5:00pm (unless arranged otherwise).


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